White Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer Review & Discount

White Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer Review & Discount

Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer is a cool touch deep fryer is really cool with stylish outlook.  It is a small smart cooker with many menu items and light indicator. You can easily fry shrimp, chicken, French fries and more whenever you want. Its plastic body show beautiful curve and can do enough fry for your family. Its view window helps you to look after your fries when you cooking.
This fryer has a plastic body with distinctive look. As it’s out wall made with plastic you will feel the heat little low than the metallic body. Its all parts are well decorated and easy to clean. You can adjust temperature of the desired frying items because it has adjustable thermostat.
It is a perfect home electric fryer cook that can run in 120 volt. Its temperature may reach up to 375 degree F which is very hot. But as it has a plastic body you don’t worry to touch it. Be careful don’t put your hand on top of the steam place this can burn your skin because it generate hot steam. Use the power cord to supply power maintaining safety. The door is spring loaded. You have to release the lid with one hand and take the lid up with the other hand.
Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer

Features about White Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer:

  • You can easily fry chicken, fish,french fries,shrimp and more with it. It is perfect for them.
  • There is an adjustable thermostat permits easy selection of the desired frying temperature.
  • You will see a light signals when the oil is ready for frying.
  • Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer's pot is removable for quick and easy cleaning.
  • It's extra-large viewing window will give you extra safety.
  • Charcoal air channel assimilates broiling scents. Outside wicker container handle brings down nourishment into the oil with the spread shut to anticipate scattering.
Really nice feature, put the food in the basket and close the lid prior to lowering the basket into the oil, totally eliminates the danger of hot oil burns. Its case is removable with the handle so you can easily take out the fryer from the fryer pan. It has an extra facility. As it is small you can put it anywhere in your room. It can hold about 1/2 gallon of oil so 1 gallon bottle will fill it twice. It can cook enough for 2 or a single person. You can do other work during the fryer is frying. But you must turn it off when you want.
Your husband and sons can be happy because of no bad smell. This CoolDaddy deep fryer reduces cooking oil cost so you can use healthy oil like olive oil soy, sunflower oil and peanut oil. But one thing should remember for your health you should avoid using same oil frequently. Easy to use, clean and simple to store. It can make deep frying at an everyday event. It is a very helpful family cooker.
It has digital power system and controller. So you can easily control it as your wish. And the specialty of this digital controller is that it indicates a light when the oil is ready for frying. This is its most technical issue.
Fryer's NamePresto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer - White
Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer
Customers Rating 4 out of 5
Weight7.6 pounds
Size15 x 10 x 9 inches
Power1500 watts
Heat375 degree F

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Presto CoolDaddy Deep Fryer

At last this fryer will make your daily life easy. It will improve your personality. When your neighbor will come to you, they also can surprise seeing you making instant fry. It is safe, low cost and enough smart to impress you.  

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