How To Clean Electric Deep Fryer

How To Clean Electric Deep Fryer

Most of the people, especially the children love fried food. Why not? It is so tasty and crispy and the flavors are awesome. The electric deep fryer is the main reason for it. But the main thing of this fryer is to clean it properly.
How To Clean Electric Deep Fryer
Many restaurant owner does not know how to clean electric deep fryer. Even the people who have a deep fryer at home don't know it. 

How To Clean Electric Deep Fryer:

Basically, It is not a hard task. Just follow the below instruction and you can clean yourself the electric deep fryer.

The requirements:
1. Plastic scrubber
2. Water
3. Dish detergent
4. Baking soda
5. Soft cloths
6. Container for oil.

Steps to clean electric deep fryer:

  1. At first, stop the fryer, wait till the oil cool down.
  2. Take a container. When the oil in the fryer has cooled down completely drain it to the container. Dispose the oil completely.
  3. Now take a scarper to scrape build up from both sides of fryer as much as possible. Dispose the build up.
  4. Take water to fill up the fryer. Fill with the water at the oil level.
  5. Now add some dish detergent to the water to clean the electric fryer.
  6. Wait some time to mix the detergent with water. Now press on the fryer to boil the water.
  7. Give some time to boil the soap and water. After a couple of minutes, the soap will assist to remove the oil in the fryer.
  8. Again, turn off the electric deep fryer down to allow the water cool.
  9. Remove the water from the fryer and use a cloth, sponge or towel to wipe out the fryer properly. Try hard to clean the oil from the fryer sides as much as you can.
  10. To remove the existing oil from the fryer fill a container with dish detergent and water. Put down the scrubber in the container and moisten it. Then scrub away the existing oil.
  11. Use clean water to rinse the electric deep fryer properly.
  12. If any oil remains, use baking soda. The oil often remains as a sticky film. Baking soda is a very good component to remove it.
  13. Take some water and put baking soda in it. Then make a paste.
  14. Take the paste and rub it onto the surface sides of the electric deep fryer where the existing sticky film remains.
  15. Utilize a clean cloth or sponge to rub the baking soda paste in a circular motion in the fryer. Continue this process until all the remaining sticky film has gone.
  16. This baking paste is very helpful to remove build up and oil splatters remain on the external surface of the electric fryer.
  17. Again, utilize water to rinse the electric fryer.
  18. Before drying the fryer using a towel or sponge, ensure all of the detergent or cleaning item has been removed from the fryer.
  19. Clean the wet electric components of the fryer properly before start the electric deep fryer.    
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