4 Best Home Deep Fryers for Your Kitchen

4 Best Home Deep Fryers for Your Kitchen

Owning a deep fryer is not for the faint of heart especially since it requires some skills to deal with the heat from the high temperature oil and at the same time owning one requires the love for all things fried, but of course the may conventional and more advanced deep fryers have come a long way turning their attention to options that help prevent too much oil and grease accumulation on cooked food.
Best Home Deep Fryers

So just how does one deal with the purchase of a high quality and good value deep fryer. Many homes no matter how healthy and weight conscious have in one way or another have had the urge of purchasing a deep dryer mainly because of how economical and easy to use most units have become, and of course truthfully many people enjoy the comforts of fried food every once in a while.

Factors to Consider when purchasing a Deep Fryer:

In finding, choosing and buying a deep fryer you have to be sure of certain standards and be aware that these are what you must consider before buying a deep fryer. Take for example finding a fryer that suits and is along the scope of your budget – of course when you want to buy an item you have to make sure that you will be able to buy it. That’s common with all other deep fryer reviews.

Note that deep fryers vary in options and durability so it is important that you not only find one that suits your budget but also be able to look for a model that you will consider to be very useful for your daily kitchen needs. If you and your family do not really entertain deep fried food, then the use for a deep fryer is seized, make it a point that when you purchase any type of kitchen cook ware that you are able to make regular use for it.

Many stores whether actual or online provide sales, promotions and the best deals for kitchen ware, sometimes deep fryers are included in the bargain so make it a point to visit your local stores or click to find the latest finds on the internet because for sure you will be able find a deal that will match your budget and your deep fryer ideals.

Best Features to Look out for when purchasing a Deep Fryer:
  • Consists of immersion heating element  to heat the oil quicker than bottom heating elements.
  • Temperature control to fine tune the frying process.
  • Easy cleaning where the fryer has a removable oil reservoir.
  • Last but not least, consider a deep fryer with at least 1 year warranty.
Settle for the best Fryer through unbiased customer reviews:

If you are unsatisfied or unsure with your own opinion about a deep fryer that has kept you interested in purchase, look through customer reviews about the product. Often people who have purchased a deep fryer will either rant or rave about it, you can look through what customers have said and see if their opinions can change your mind or persuade you even more to buy the product.

Another consideration that you have to take note of when you want to purchase a deep fryer is how big or how small it should be, this will be judged from how often you are willing to use your fryer as well as the dishes and food items that you will be frying – different sized fryers are available in the market.

Top 4 Best Deep Fryers of 2016:

Delonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer:
Best Home Deep Fryers

Termed as the best deep fryer by kitchen experts due to its dead zone technology. Once the required temperature is reached, it’s maintained until the food cooks.

With a temperature range of 300 to 370 degrees, you can cook almost any type of food. However, it’s important that you know the right temperature at which to deep fry the food and the required time as this can significantly affect how well it cooks.

It also has a greater capacity to cook up to 3 pounds of food. You can either cook larger or smaller batches.

Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer:
Best Home Deep Fryers

This fryer is ideal for smaller meals and side dishes. Unlike other models Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer that require that you use a huge chunk of oil, with Cuisinart Compact, you only need to use a quarter of oil making it very suitable for smaller dishes. It’s very easy to clean and operate.

Although Cuisinart deep fryer can hold up to ¾ lbs of food, it’s important that you do not overload it as oil can spill over as well as the food cook inconsistently.

Oster Cool Touch Deep Fryer:
Best Home Deep Fryers

This fryer can accommodate up to 4 liters of oil. It features an adjustable thermostat and a 60 minute-digital timer. One thing I like about this model is its fast heating speed. Within 10 minutes, you’re ready to go.

It can be used to prepare chicken tenders, French fries, fillets and cullets.

Requires only 1700 watts making it a power saver.

Other benefits you’ll enjoy with owning this deep fryer are lock lick that has dual filters and a rise and fall fry basket that has a folding handle.

Presto Dual Basket Profry Deep Fryer:

One of the easiest to operate deep fryers making it ideal for starters and expert cooks alike. It has an open interfacePresto DualBasket Profry Deep Fryer that allows you to view the food as it cooks. One feature I like about this model is the ability to reload multiple batches within a short time.
It comes with a dual basket that enables you to cook separate dishes simultaneously saving you on your time.

Unlike the Deloghi model, Presto Dual Basket Profry Deep Fryer has the problem of getting consistent temperature. This is caused by heating elements being close to the unit’s internal thermostat, such that it requires you to stir the oil regularly for it to heat evenly to your desired temperature.

However, you don’t have to worry about this problem. The inconsistency in temperature is only a problem at the beginning. Once you start to place your food, the ideal temperature is reached and maintained.

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